1. Read our online documentation. Follow it step by step. Read Now
  2. Use ISO currency codes. Get them here
  3. Callback URL and IPN URL are two different links. If you skipped step 1 please have alook at it :-)
    • CALLBACK URL - Loaded immediatly a user completes the payment process.
    • IPN URL - Link executed by pesapal to initiate an update function in your system. Once you have successfull updated you DB, you need to communicate back to pesapal and inform the system that your update was successful to prevent the IPN link running again in regards to that transaction
  4. It's advicable to use unique reference numbers for all transaction.
  5. Is there an API that returns the amount paid? Currently this is unavailable. You are advised to store the payment details before submitting the data to PesaPal.
  6. Where can i get the secret code mentioned in the documentation?
    - Open business account at: https://www.pesapal.com (for Live system)
    or https://demo.pesapal.com(For demo system).
    After you login, you will get the set of keys on your dashboard.
    The sandbox is a demo system that you can use to test your system during development. With the sandbox, you need not to transfer real money. Dummy codes will be generated for you.
  7. How do i test using the dummy codes?
    For card options use the values below the input fields and for mobile payments, there is some text below the payment options, click link within the text to generate dummy codes.
  8. Am done testing, i need to go live. How do i do that? Solution
  9. Am now live but i get the error consumer_key unknown. Please advice.. Solution.
  10. I noticed there is a "DESCRIPTION" on the form, whats that for?
    Description is a short text giving details about the payment, Eg, Donations to XYZ Organization/ payment for Tv set bought from ABC ltd
  11. My submit button on the payments page is hidden, what could be the issue? This is a styling issue. Open the iframe code and increase the size of the iframe loaded.
First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Phone Number:
System allows my clients to input a predefined reference code issued to the client before they make the payment
The consumer key and consumer secret i have pasted in my iframe and checkstatus codes belong to a DEMO merchant