Our Company

GeoGPS Tracking Solution is an integrated security solutions provider. We have been evolved into a highly sophisticated technological company offering leading edge fleet management and telematics solutions to both GPS Tracking Services to customers and businesses across the world. Offering value security solutions to our clients. GeoGPS provides a cloud-based location intelligence software platform that has a transformative effect on the way businesses optimize their mobile assets and critical data. We are your one stop partner for GPS tracking business.

Our Vision

We offering high tech car security solutions and fleet tracking for business too. Fit an insurance approved GeoGPS Tracker for either Fleet tracking or as security measure for your car, unique technology and nationwide support. With GeoGPS Tracker, you have the best possible chance of retrieving your stolen vehicle. New cars are particularly at risk of theft which is why GeoGPS Tracker offers great new car security systems for drivers.

Our Values

Everything starts with the ability to bring the customer the best GPS monitoring solutions the vehicle tracking industry has to offer, and then the ability provide that customer with quality customer service and technical care. We are dedicated to teaching the customer how our GPS trackers work and how they can improve safety, security and overall business efficiency. The GeoGPS Tracking Solution was built on a foundation of providing quality products, and the principals that every single customer is special and should be treated in such way. We will never deviate from the reason for our success, you!


The GeoGPS Tracking Solution has established a community of caring customer service representatives and vehicle tracking experts that emphasize sharing and exchanging of knowledge to assist anyone with their GPS tracking needs. Recognizing that our greatest strength comes from our motivated staff that always places the customer's needs first, the GeoGPS Tracker nurtures a dynamic work environment focused on teamwork.


Our Promise To You: The GeoGPS Tracking Solution will provide the highest quality of products the GPS monitoring industry has to offer at prices everyday families and small businesses can afford. Consumers, businesses and law enforcement agencies can count on us to provide the solution to their GPS tracking needs from the sophisticated to the simple. Whether you are looking for a tracking device to increase safety, profit or efficiency, the GeoGPS Tracker has the solution.

Built on a foundation of integrity, ethics, and innovation, the GeoGPS Tracking Solution will always be available to provide you the answers and products required for your vehicle tracking needs. We are here to serve you!

GeoGPS partner based solution

  • Increased cost savings: There is no need to purchase new devices. GeoGPS technology can work with existing devices, providing a fully customizable solution for your company. We encourage our clients to integrate their hardware with us and leverage their current inventory.
  • Improved productivity: When there is full transparency, a company naturally runs better, smoother, ultimately achieving better customer service and greater overall success. With GeoGPS state-of-the-art technology platforms, your company will have full transparency that is continuous and reliable.
  • Value: Our competitive rates, esteemed expertise in precision technology and hardware-independent software platform make us the best value available, hands down.

Our Platform & Mobile based GPS fleet management & tracking systems can increase the profitability of your company. A GPS unit can allow you to locate people if lost or in case of emergency using our GPS devices. Our vehicle gps, car gps unit, auto gps, gps locator, gps car tracker, gps auto tracker, vehicle tracker will allow you to monitor your vehicles.