Fleet Management

Our fleet solution can monitor various driver behaviors, including over-speed, rapid acceleration, braking, sharp turns, gliding, idling, etc. and generate the driver reports automatically, including the rank of mileage and fuel consumption, abnormal driver behavior statistics, etc.

  • School Bus, Tax Fleet Management
  • Logistics Truck Video Monitoring
  • Fuel Stolen Proof Solution
  • Vehicle Green Driving System (Eco)

Public Transportation

Our stream mobile solution can help reduce the risk of collisions and protect vulnerable road users by minimizing vehicle blind-spots and assisting drivers to drive safely.

  • BRT, Trains & Trams Smart Solutions
  • Vehicles Tracking Management System (VTMS)
  • Intelligent Transportation System ITS
  • CBTC Solutions & Sensor Technology
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Government Solution

Our system can be accessed directly by high level personnel, control rooms and first response teams. With the complete picture available in real time, the rapid and effective responses can be provided to any situation.

  • VSS Solution for Police Car
  • Police Motorcycle Recording System
  • ANPR, DSRC and GNSS Technologies

Site Monitoring

Site stations contain high-value infrastructure and because of their remote locations, Our Gateways installed at base stations can monitor over 3G/GPRS and other low bandwidth networks from the remote sites to the operator's control center.

  • Remote Health Care
  • Cellular Base Stations
  • CCTV Poles, ATMs, Traffic Intersections
  • Warehouses, Tankers, Construction Sites