Real-time GPS Tracking Online

Real time tracking mode has number of important features and allows to see available object list, current object position, last connection time, speed, coordinates, address, sensor parameters, important notifications, change map type, change interface language and much more.

Stay aware: notifications

When an important event occurs, who wants to miss it? Nobody. Get instant alerts on your desktop and mobile devices as you set by the rules. There are dozens of trigger options available with geofence and time limitations. Choose to receive alerts via SMS, Email, push notification.

Tachograph Data Remotely

Downloading tachograph driver card data remotely will ease tachograph file management and save time. Dispatchers can use it to follow driver working time and resting periods and minimise the risk of breaking any regulations related to Tachograph compliance.

Driver Behavior Performance

One of the best ways how to decrease costs of fleet management is by keeping a close eye on the fuel consumption. Our solution will help you to monitor fuel control and find any inefficiencies by delivering precise information about fuel level and consumption in real-time and detailed reports.

Configurable Maps & GIS tools

The GPS tracking software supports multiple connections to all kind of GIS databases - for geocoding, directions, traffic, LBS positioning and other. Furthermore, in our ServerMate packages we include unlimited number of requests to all essential services, so you don't spend extra money for providing your customers with comprehensive reporting and advanced map tools.

Plans, Billing & Payments

Get maximum profitability and meet your customers expectations by offering right service packages with flexible billing. Plan editor allows you to create as many products as you need, choose billing cycles, set fees and rates for all sort of services, apply restrictions on using particular tools of GPS tracking software.

Automatic GPS Trackers Activation

When user adds a new device into his account, Our GPS tracking software automatically makes all required presets using over-the-air (OTA) technology within a few seconds. The only action required from user is to enter the phone number of the SIM card installed in GPS tracker.

Remote Device Management

We provides graphic interface with easy controls so that users can adjust these parameters in a very convenient way: tracking mode, power saving, harsh driving sensitivity, special sensors, CAN bus parameters, LED indication and many more. All saved settings are automatically converted to M2M commands and sent over GPRS/IP or SMS, and will be applied regardless device is currently online or offline.